so UZZ-some!

almost a year now since we got a new addition to our not so big family.. love u loads UZZ!


naughty, playful and ever so active! there’s always a new thing about ya everyday.. mmmmwacks!


life goes on…in surgical ward

it’s SUNDAY.

it’s a day off for me (at least for this week). lazing at home with mom, dad, mary, along, uzz… even angah is back for a week. Nek pun ade. that leaves adik and acha – both busy with their lives. despite not having everyone around, it’s still nice to be home.

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saat yang mendebarkan..

pagi tadi keluar dengan mami pegi rayap2 seremban.. carik JKN & Hospital Seremban so that senang sikit nak register and kerja isnin ni.. pastu by noon dah bergerak balik. about 5 minit before sampai umah, yan call. katanye ade “bleeding”.

“is it time?”

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if he (really) loves u…

if he (really) loves u…

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to be induced or not to be induced?

already registered at SPA, KKM and MMC last 1ast 16th of August. still waiting for the arrival of the induction letter..hope i’ll get it at a good time and hope i’ll be posted to my first choice hospital! amin~
some friends have already started working – wei kiat, faiz, wanie, huey ser..not sure who else. gambatte, doctors! keep everyone updated!
p/s : i’m gona have a very “1 Malaysia” month this coming sept~

<3 <3 <3

was introduced to this song by my sister’s soon-to-be hubby.. and the video is so cute..

i wish i had someone special to dedicate it to…

but since i don’t, then this song goes out to all those in love out there~

enjoy ❤

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my beloved B . A . G .

it’s not so easy when one’s heart is so attached to non-human entities..

as for me, one of them would be my (family’s) cats. they are usually in their cage. sometimes i let them out to play (of course, knowing i’d be scolded by Abah for doing that for he fear they’d be cat-napped or simply can’t find their way home) it’s such a wondrous feeling to see them happily jumping and running around.
then, 2 days ago, i let some of the kitties out to play – all the ‘girls’ except Pochi and Stokin.

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